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1985 - 2017

E. Jerry Williams Lodge #141


Fourth Masonic District

MWPHGLMD And Jurisdiction, Inc

Honorable Lee A. Taylor II, Grand Master

Right Worshipful Willard M. Beach DDGM

Eric A. Jones Worshipful Master

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32 Years Strong

E. Jerry Williams #141

E. Jerry Williams Lodge # 141


I have been ask over the past few years, by master masons within the 4th Masonic District within the Jurisdiction of Maryland, to create a document that details the Master Masons involved, meetings, and or special events that supported the Chartering of E. Jerry Williams Lodge # 141. I truly hope that the information listed below will address and answer all questions regarding this issue. I, Past Master Warren L Broomer, of Elmer T Hawkins Lodge # 113, 12th Masonic District "Europe" Jurisdiction of Maryland, after retirement from the U.S. Army, I returned to the State of Maryland in 1984. I was, as a Master Mason, currently being held within the Jurisdiction of Maryland Military Holding Lodge # 122, since 1976. I had a few conversations with the Honorable Grand Master Samuel T. Daniels regarding my finding of a lodge to demit to, within the 4th Masonic District. We had the same conversations during the Grand Lodge Session of 1984, because he stated that, he could not hold me within the Military Holding Lodge much longer because I was now a resident of Maryland. He encouraged me to find a lodge very soon.

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